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23 September 2019 - 29 October 2019

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The Human Library is a special kind of library where the books are humans. You can listen to the human book’s experiences, usually on a theme. You can ask questions that could be too ‘embarrassing’ to ask on other occasions.


Join us in two classes of the course ELTU3503 Intercultural Communication through English in which the Human Library will be held. Share your stories and also explore others’ experiences.


To foster understanding among individuals that differ in some significant ways, e.g., ethnicity, sexual orientation and political stance.


Date, time and venue:
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1. 10:30am-12:15pm on Sep 23 & Oct 28 (Mon); WMY502
2. 10:30am-12:15pm on Sep 24 & Oct 29 (Tue); YIA502


Tentative themes:
Cultural identities: How do see yourself? How do others see you?
Cultural dimensions: e.g. How is power perceived in different cultures?


Benefits for you:
1. Create open and honest conversations with students from other cultures
2. Record the activity in your Student Development Portfolio (SDP)


1. Keen to share your feelings and perspectives and ask questions when unsure
2. Comfortable with being asked difficult questions about your cultures/subcultures, personal experiences and identities
3. Accepting of ambiguity (e.g. not knowing what exactly you may be asked!)

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International and Exchange Students of CUHK

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English Language Teaching Unit, CUHK

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